Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

A time of year for reflection of
what we have been given
by the grace of God.

I visited my Father's graveside yesterday.
My good memories with him filled
the crevices of my mind.
He provided many great Christmases
for such a large family.
He began a trend.
There has never been a Christmas I
have been in need.
That is, indeed, a blessing.

My husband, children and mother are all
well and happy
another blessing.

We tend the most beautiful land that
we know of on the earth.
To some it may just be the trees,
or the fields,
or the turkeys
but to us it is home
and that is a blessing.

I am not good at tending friends,
but I still have some that I can call
at a moment's notice
and I can be there for them
or them for me and
that is a blessing.

As much turmoil as my siblings give each other
they are still family
and that is a blessing.

I was born in the greatest country
and that is a blessing as well.

So, it is time for you to take account.
There are many gifts a newborn brings
which ones are dearest to you this year?

Happy Christmas!

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Ralph said...

Merry Christmas and a very successful new year.