Friday, December 03, 2010

Continuation of the budget

We are quickly learning that we did not plan well for present season!
Presents set in about the same time as cold-
the budget moves slowly to the "are you kidding me?" side.

Upbeat? The market is good.
We continue our 15% for the year.
We sold AVAV, KMB, HOG and GOOG
We bought some more F and NFLX.
That is it for our trades this year
unless we see something suddenly happen.

We were relieved that we had sufficiently calculated
to save enough for house insurance,
car insurance
AND house taxes.
Those are all paid.
Whew. Now we save for next year.
I did not anticipate taking down a large tree this year. Bag worms- it had to go. He told me that the other pine will be gone by next year. Fortunately, that one is smaller. We can take that one down by ourselves.
It would have been nice if we could
use it for fire wood. Nope. Twenty five
foot tree and the wood goes into
the gully for erosion prevention.

Scott is winterizing the barn this year,
in anticipation of spending more time
building doors through the winter.

The down side? Travel budget is being put
into the mix for things like "just one more tiny car" or
"need that tool" stuff. Distance travel is slowly
moving further into the distance.
House repair money is going to winterizing,
which makes me nervous.
One major thing seems to go out
every winter.
Starting the winter with a pot of gold
makes those issues much easier to
deal with.

The north wind is blowing
down into the teens tomorrow.
Winter is here!

So far, so good.
How are you faring for the end of the year?

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