Monday, December 06, 2010

Darn proud

We have so many friends who bucked the system and home schooled their children. They realized as military families they would have even less control over the schools that their children attended. I got a note from one of them today and it made me think back at our different experiences. I was the chicken- opting out for regular school.

Their starts were for various reasons: religious tone in classrooms, non reader, suggestions that their child needed medication, two moves in the middle of the year. They started slowly and worked on reading and math - with the other parts of the curriculum fitting in nicely as they lived the day. I've observed everything from unschooling to "the total purchased curriculum package".

Some sent their children to private (usually Catholic or Christian) high schools. Others had their children attend community college after they were sixteen.

Most of my friends are at the end of their "careers". The ones with seven or nine children have a few still at home.
I love hearing the news. One blogger I follow has four in college right now. You can see her under Choosing Joy. Renee has her second heading out. A friend has one who went on to be a lawyer, two girls in college and a son who is an auto mechanic (and five at home). Several of the children in different families have joined the military (as engineers). One has a firefighter with several more at home in the wings.

What I know of almost all of the homeschooling families is that, unless the rare occasion arises that home school was about controlling the child not the environment, all of these children have gone on to be a key part of society. They are active in their churches and community organizations. They are getting married in a reasonable way- with the knowledge that they will be married for life. They tend to be self confident, beyond the normal teen. They are mission orientated and do well on college campuses. They have the backbone it takes to make it.

Yup, I am darn proud of these families. I hope they realize it!


ralph@retirement lifestyle said...

I feel like I was asleep at the switch raising our boys. I would never again send a child to public school and I envy the memories and experiences that parents who home school share with their kids.
At the time I didn't think we had the time and we had no idea how screwed up the California schools were. I had my eye on the wrong prize - and I didn't get it anyway.

Renee said...

Oh gee shucks. Thanks Janette. I am blessed by God with the children he's given me. I can't say that all will to to 4 yr college but they will all be educated. I am proud of my children and more so of their non-academic accomplishments. Outside of school Madeleine is involved with her local parish's youth group as well as various volunteer opportunities on campus. James does many things with Scouts and youth group.... you are right it's not about controlling the child but rather their learning environment

ancient one said...

My surgeon home schooled his children. His reasoning.. he wanted to be able to do Christian mission work at times and he wanted his family with him. I really admire him and his family.

Bob said...

Excellent post. The families that do the "heavy lifting" in this society are often looked down upon instead of looked up to.

Raising solid, responsible children, educating them, and teaching them to give back to others is hard work. But, it is the most important thing a person can do.