Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't know what I am doing...

but that has never stopped me.

The part time job I took
is full of paper.
The real job is all about
personal contact and trust.
Today was spent stuffing
envelopes and folders.
"We ran out when we got to you.
We might be too busy to help
when you get started." seem to be
the words said more than once.

Forgot what it is like to work the
second end of a ladder.
I'll figure it out,
take notes,
and fix it as I go along.
Until I am done I may
have to go a bit
Coo Koo
On my way to this job- an hour ride-
NPR was broadcasting results from
an international high school math and science exam.
Chinese came in first- with all of Asia close behind.
They interviewed the headmaster of the school
that achieved the highest results in the world.
"Of course," he said, "our students are amazing.
The problem is they have never learned how
to critically think.
They do well in Asian universities,
but when they get to the US they are
confused by creating and thinking
instead of simply solving.
Give them an equation,
the answer will follow quickly.
Give them a problem,
the answer is slow and lots of
equations are applied."
This information has been present to
US teachers for years.
It is good to hear a headmaster of a
"superior" school, state what we
Move forward - but don't become Asia!


Renee said...

My understanding is that Asian high schools are big time HIGH stress.... I wouldn't want that for my kids.. education is important but not worth killing yourself over because you're not number one.....
my dh the other day congratulated me on my son's scholarship.... it was so nice to be acknowledged for all these years of hard work
okay done babbling

Bob Lowry said...

My Mom was a teacher for 30 years, and then volunteered for another 20 before her health gave out. Her entire approach over 5 decades was to teach kids two things: they were valued and they needed to learn to think.

Those lessons remain critical today.

Janette said...

Renee- you have done an amazing job!

Bob- I hope to be more like your mother. After this gig- I am done with this type of wok. I think volunteering and just letting one more child know they are important is what I want for my life.