Monday, December 27, 2010

Four generations in 24 hours.

Yes, we are the crazy people who fly on Christmas day.
We started at 6 pm on Christmas Eve in Phoenix
and ended at 12 am on Christmas day. Flying and opening and laughing and playing.
It was all good.


Sue said...

Hi. I saw you on Frugally Retired in TX and just wanted to check you out. You have a beautiful blog. I love the flowers. Lovely family too. Happy New Year. ~Sue

Renee said...

if it means you got to spend part of Christmas with both kids (and grandbaby) then it was more than worth it

Kimberly said...

We are crazies also! We left our flat at 6 a.m. Christmas morning and arrived at our daughter's place at 11:30 p.m. Christmas night, including a six hour time difference. What a looooong day! We are enjoying our family, though, too!

Bob Lowry said...


Guess you didn't get caught up in the blizzard mess that shut down the East coast and messed up planes everywhere. Good for you and your family!

Cold week in Phoenix: highs in low 50's by end of week. Burrrr.

ralph@retirement lifestyle said...

That is the kind of craziness I can support.