Sunday, December 12, 2010


What did I miss the most? Clean air, my husband, the internet and the grocery store.
What did I miss the least? Not much. It was 80 in Los Angles and 7 in Kansas but, I like the change of season and snow (as long as I am inside).
I ment many wonderful retired educators.
The trip made me realize, again, that travel is not my favorite thing anymore ESPECIALLY when it does not bring me to see or be with my family.
Happy to be home.
Happy Birthday to my oldest!


bestofblogskansas said...

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Renee said...

Looking forward to hearing about the new job

KathyA said...

As much as we love to travel, coming home and sleeping in our own bed is always fantastic.

To answer your very interesting question: I think you're right. My children do not know the rituals, the feast days, the particular prayers. However, they all seem to be rather spiritual. I think leaving it up to them to have their individual epiphanies always carries some risk, but the result makes for stronger beliefs.