Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is time to check your pantry.

There are two times in a year for a pantry check.
Christmas and the beginning of summer.
Gleam out extras and take them to the homeless shelter.

Some of the things are extras that are bought during the year.
They are ready to rotate.
Some are travel items.
Since hotel stays seem to be more common these days,
extra bars of small soap and body lotion are in abundance.

Going through closets is another task.
Coats and boots are taken to the homeless shelter as well.
Good will is not open at 2 am when a family might arrive.
Little presents that were forgotten
are wrapped and taken there as well.

Being thankful for what we have is the most important
part of this process.
I am thankful, every day, that I was born in this country
with the rights and freedoms I enjoy
With the ability to make enough to keep my family safe and fed.
It is a great nation.
Only for the grace of God, I was born here!

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