Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Powerful words

I was reading my favorite PF blog: Get rich slowly
I had to share with you this comment:
"James says:

I used to be super career driven. I used to be an uber-entreprenuer. I used to carefully manage my budget. I used to think we “could do without”. Then, a very wise older gentleman changed my life with this:

“You only have 10 summers with your kids”

Think about that… the first 4, they don’t remember, the last 4 (14-18) they don’t want to be with you. Each time I consider spending a weekend doing something to save $ at the expense of doing something fun with the kids, I think of that phrase.

Sure, I’d love to reap the rewards of compounding gains on my fat RRSP. But if it comes at the expense of seeing my 5 year old’s face when she sees Belle at Disney world, I’d rather work a few more years in retirement or even… eat dog food when I’m 95 (at which point who cares)."

It reminds me of how often my sister and I seem to talk about our childhood. Here we are at 53 and 56 and it seems like the only years to really reflect on are the 10 we were in the childhood house with memories. We both went on to do some amazing things- but those years formed us. It is amazing the details we remember!

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Kimberly said...

Wonderful reminder, Janette!