Monday, December 13, 2010

Should homemakers be allowed to collect Social Security?

A dumb old Maxine joke about health care
came to my inbox again
This is the result.

Social Security is a slippery slope.
As it slides away, there are a few touchy questions
we should be asking.
Most of us are forced into putting money into the system.
That was not a problem until "they" have started
to question whether "we" should not get as much
in the end.
How about those who never contribute?
Their spouse may have,
but they never worked outside the home.
You don't put in. You can take out.

To make this argument for the other side.
If you work, you are allowed to contribute
much more to a 401K than an IRA.
This disadvantages the homemaker.
If the homemaker chooses,
the spouse should be able to significantly support an 401 for them.
Maybe the 401 could have a "government match".
Then the homemaker could have plenty
even if the spouse dies- or divorces them.
The government match acknowledges
that children need to be cared for.
OK- our government does not acknowledge that
but it is a thought.

The days of supporting the unemployed is over
as far as I am concerned right now.
If we, as a society,
are unwilling to care for our people's health and finances
until they are 67,
why should they start, ever?
Why should there be social security or Medicare?
The two of us have paid into a system for 30-40 years EACH.
Why should the people who never contribute, benefit?

Cut them all off.
Welfare, Social Security, Medicare, Disability,
how about the subsidy for Mental handicaps,
Autism, Blind and physical handicapped?
Let's not pay taxes at all.
OK- we can pay road taxes.
That is a pay as you go system.
Land taxes- no way!
Those who make loads of money will be fine.
The rest can buy insurance and work
until they choose not to.
Those who depend on schools,
libraries, hospitals and such
too bad.

Rush Limbaugh has a nice house in Costa Rica-
no residence in the US.
Maybe we should all move there.

I will start to try to convince at least one man
in my family to go into medicine.

What do you think?
Do you think I am tired of congress?


Anonymous said...

So, can I ask you whether homemaker could receive the social security right now?

Janette said...

A homemaker in the US can receive Social Security when she turns 65-68 (depending on when you were born). This benefit is 50% of the husband's (or if married more than ten years- exhusband's) benefit. When the husband or ex dies- then the spouse receives the husband's FULL benefit.
It does not matter if you ever contribute.