Friday, December 17, 2010

The stockings are hung

With family traveling, the stockings have to be hung early.

We are ready for Santa

Now, we have to prepare for Jesus!

Spent five hours getting Medi Alert
set up for mom.
She fell on Wednesday-
but did not tell me personally.
A few hours on the garage floor:<(
Thank goodness that "older teen" down the street
walked down to see if she needed help.
I heard it through the grape vine.
I don't think there will be a fight over
wearing the pendant anymore.
It will be installed next week.
I am SOOO glad there are programs like this one.
Phoenix has many to choose from because of the population.
She doesn't want to move, nor should she have to.
I can see mom in her house for many years to come.

It is hard to think there will be a time
without my parents
during the Christmas season.


Kimberly said...

We've not yet figured out how to hang our stockings in our new place - the mantel is stone. So, for now, they are in a cubby. This is our first Christmas without David's parents - they both died in October. We are heading to the States anyway, to still celebrate their 65th anniversary and fil's 90th birthday - they can join the party from Heaven.

Janette said...

I am so sorry for you loss. My brother in law and his wife died 15 days apart four years ago. It was tough. I am sure they will be partying in heaven with you:>)

We have a stone mantel as well. I found (at Target) stocking holders on a pedestal- and then have a hook hanging down about an inch away from the pedestal. Works well on our "piece of rock.

Bob Lowry said...


You are so right. It is hard to think of the Christmas season without parents. My mom passed away here in Phoenix a week ago. It will be a rough holiday season for my dad but family is all here to make it better.

The last two years of her life mom had one of those Medi Alert devices. It was comforting to know help was just a button push away. You are going to feel better knowing your mom has that extra protection.

Janette said...

I am so sorry for your loss Bob.
This will be the first Christmas that I will have the guts to finally go to my father's graveside on Christmas eve. He is buried near his parents and my grand and great grand parent of my mother- in the Catholic cemetery in Phoenix.
I think he would like that I finally came. I hope to make the visit much more often when I come home to visit.