Sunday, December 19, 2010

My favorite time of year

This was my first nativity. It was painted by my blind- yes blind-Uncle. I love this painting. It began my obsession with nativity sets.

I inherited this from my Fran.

This was the first one we bought for the kids.

Hong Kong

After being bombed in Saudi I went into pottery mode. Confined to a compound- I made these

and several more.

In Flagstaff I fell in love with these.
And I continue to look and love them all.


cgsch said...

I love these, Janette, and share the obsession with you! Don't think my collection has quite the varied backgrounds as yours, but all of them point to THE story, don't they? Thanks for sharing!! :>)

Renee said...

Love them... I was just thinking yesterday as we were decorating that I've accidentally started an angel collection with my nativity... I think I"m going to ask the family to get me different angels each year to continue it

Renee said...

Merry Christmas

Galen Pearl said...

I love these pictures. Painted by your blind uncle--that's amazing! You seem to have been to lots of interesting places to collect all of these.

Bob said...

My youngest daughter is starting to build an interesting nativity collection. She bought a few pieces in Flagstaff but they look a bit different than yours.

She does look forward each year to pulling them out of storage and setting everything up.