Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holding my breath

Tomorrow morning I will wake up (God willing)
The sun will most likely be behind ice clouds
It is the television I most fear
Tomorrow I am anticipating a drop in the market
A big drop
I hope it isn't so
But it well may be
Egypt is not looking so good right now
Our chips are all in that side of the world
The US just does not get it
Oil is not worth it!
Hold on- this could be an interesting ride!

Letting your certificates expire

A sure way of making sure you do not something again is to let the certificate expire.
My Arizona license expired years ago. In the past it was easy to renew because I had enough years in the classroom there.
Arizona now requires certain, politically correct, classes in order to be certified. These are only taught at Arizona colleges and are explicit about how to not speak another language to a child who speaks that language. Arizona is an English only state.
This bogus class can be taken on line. You pay for the class and then fill in sheets going over the materials, sending answers electronically to the college. This type of college education is bogus. There is no interchange. You might as well take a test with the book in your lap- no real learning, just regurgitation of what is there. This is not education.
Go into the Marines and learn a skill. If you are going to college- have interchange and discussion- broaden your mind!
Forget it.
I don't play political games well.
This one is far more bogus than any I have encountered.
You get teachers (who make some of the lowest wages in state hierarchy) to take a class (so that you can assure the colleges that there will be at least SOME paying students this year) on a topic that is only there for political correctness.
And teaching days in Arizona are over.
The thought had passed my mind that I could return to a classroom while helping my mom out in future years. No longer a thought.

BTW- I have always been an immersion teacher.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Local foods

We are slowly eating our way into town.
Silly, isn't it?
We live twenty miles from town
and there are lots of small places to eat along the way.
A few of them are seasonal-
fishing season and non fishing season.
It is non fishing season if you haven't looked outside lately.
We have hit a few Korean places,
A burger joint,
Mexican (not Arizona Mexican but Yucatan),
and soon a new place that just opened.
Since we live outside a fort,
there tends to be many new people
who bring their foods with them.
We have been leery in the past.
So far no bad experiences.
Do you ever eat at the mom and pop places in your town?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fiddler on the Roof

One of my favorite movies.
There are a number of things that draw me to it.

Traditions- good bad or indifferent- draw a family together and could break a family apart.

Marriage- how to work through to go from being a couple of people to attempting to work the world as a solitary unit. Moving into lifelong friendship instead of being independent in all ways.

Retirement- There is a time in which study of the Word and the world supersedes the need to make money and dwell on the right now. Sharing that learning with others does not have to be in an official position- but needs to be an active undertaking.

Community- it is all and nothing. Sometimes the people you feel are your closest friends can turn. Then other people can step in and take that spot---maybe in New Jersey with their cousin Joe.

Conversations- be careful to be open to conversations with those you care deeply about. They may need your help or want to provide you help. If you are not listening, the time will pass. The chance to share is gone and a new day will begin without that sharing.

Beauty- is in the eye of the beholder and not to be judged by everyday standards. This is true in art, music and people.

Religion- is more about your relationship with God than your relationship with an institution. The institution may define aspects of your relationship with God, but it should not define who you are. If you let it define who you are, the chances that you will someday split from it or your family are pretty good.

After spending the last 20 years attempting to "make things work". Now that I am in the retirement stage I am looking forward to the aspects that I have let slip by. It is time. Cannot believe that my husband is already sixty and I am in my fifties. Where did the time go?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five more weeks of work

I hope it does not snow the entire time!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Working in retirement

My concern was that I was going to be bored.
Applied for a position that looked interesting.
It is.
It is also tons of work.
Their hours and pace.
I am responsible for others.
The decision:
Take retirement seriously - don't go half way.
Take a year and really do it.
Know what it feels like.
Be aware it takes at least six months to decompress.
In March- that year will begin again!
This time it will be a year before
I get antsy and apply out again.
At least I know what I do NOT want to do
next time around!
When I write that I am considering
applying for a position,
remind me of this post:>)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't drive while it is snowing...

at least down someone else's long drive.
It started off as a beautiful snowy morning.
Work had been called off since schools were closed. We discussed snowblowing the 100 yard driveway, but it was supposed to snow all day and we had no where to go.
About eight a car came down the drive. When it took a sharp right instead of the gentle right I knew trouble was ahead.
So, here is her car
What a mess.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Will someone remind me WHY I took this job?

8 weeks and counting.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Take into consideration

I have been following Life{in}Grace blog for a while. There was something about it that drew me in. Maybe it was the way Edie seemed to be able to really incorporate her Christianity into her daily life. I have been searching for good examples for me for a while.
Last year the family built a beautiful house on a lake in Tennessee. She is an incredible homemaker and hometeacher. There were no details spared for making her home God centered and fun.
The Tuesday before Christmas their house burned down. Edie's accounts are heartbreaking, but she continues to inspire me as a person of faith- living it minute by minute.
Again, I am drawn in.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

On to the teens!

The teens were rung in last night.
Can you believe it?

My deep sense is that 2011
will be a fairly tranquil year.

I feel like there is a partnership
coming- some type of business.
Something I can slip into
be the rudder not the sail.
If it comes I will have time
to plow in.
Maybe I will finally talk my
husband into building things
I can market and sale.
If it isn't here by fall
it won't happen this year.

I plan on quilting.
Since I had to get out the machine
to build my grandson his sword,
it is easy to pull out again.

I plan on volunteering up at the elementary.

I plan on putting more effort
into my health.

I plan on traveling a number of times
to see my children and my mother.
Then there is the week of
marriage prep for my friend's

Of course my house is
always open for family and friends.
My hope is that my phone will
have even more use this year.

November, I plan on battening down the hatches.
Unless things change
I plan on pulling most of our money
out of the market around then.

I have an eery feeling that the
political parties will pull the country
apart far worse than last election.
People will take second shoe to
keeping power.
2012 gives me the creeps.
My garden will be ready
and life will continue in
rural Kansas.

Maybe I will learn
how to make soap:>)

How did we end up financially last year?
We didn't touch our savings,
living off the pension and
a few nice gifts.
Our portfolio grew by 15% overall.
It was a good year.
Thinking we can put off Social Security
until the mid teens if we play
our cards right.
Cannot believe that my husband
will be seventy at the beginning
of the twenties.
OW! Time is short!

How did you do last year?
Are you ready for the "teens"?
Where would you like to be
in ten years?