Saturday, January 01, 2011

On to the teens!

The teens were rung in last night.
Can you believe it?

My deep sense is that 2011
will be a fairly tranquil year.

I feel like there is a partnership
coming- some type of business.
Something I can slip into
be the rudder not the sail.
If it comes I will have time
to plow in.
Maybe I will finally talk my
husband into building things
I can market and sale.
If it isn't here by fall
it won't happen this year.

I plan on quilting.
Since I had to get out the machine
to build my grandson his sword,
it is easy to pull out again.

I plan on volunteering up at the elementary.

I plan on putting more effort
into my health.

I plan on traveling a number of times
to see my children and my mother.
Then there is the week of
marriage prep for my friend's

Of course my house is
always open for family and friends.
My hope is that my phone will
have even more use this year.

November, I plan on battening down the hatches.
Unless things change
I plan on pulling most of our money
out of the market around then.

I have an eery feeling that the
political parties will pull the country
apart far worse than last election.
People will take second shoe to
keeping power.
2012 gives me the creeps.
My garden will be ready
and life will continue in
rural Kansas.

Maybe I will learn
how to make soap:>)

How did we end up financially last year?
We didn't touch our savings,
living off the pension and
a few nice gifts.
Our portfolio grew by 15% overall.
It was a good year.
Thinking we can put off Social Security
until the mid teens if we play
our cards right.
Cannot believe that my husband
will be seventy at the beginning
of the twenties.
OW! Time is short!

How did you do last year?
Are you ready for the "teens"?
Where would you like to be
in ten years?


Ralph said...

It looks like a busy year. Best wishes for everything you plan.

Bob Lowry said...

I think you are probably right about the political landscape going from unpleasant to ugly by the end of next year. We are going to all have to develop a thick skin and a tremendous sense of humor.

Have a great 2011. Where would I like to be in 10 years? Still alive and kicking!