Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fiddler on the Roof

One of my favorite movies.
There are a number of things that draw me to it.

Traditions- good bad or indifferent- draw a family together and could break a family apart.

Marriage- how to work through to go from being a couple of people to attempting to work the world as a solitary unit. Moving into lifelong friendship instead of being independent in all ways.

Retirement- There is a time in which study of the Word and the world supersedes the need to make money and dwell on the right now. Sharing that learning with others does not have to be in an official position- but needs to be an active undertaking.

Community- it is all and nothing. Sometimes the people you feel are your closest friends can turn. Then other people can step in and take that spot---maybe in New Jersey with their cousin Joe.

Conversations- be careful to be open to conversations with those you care deeply about. They may need your help or want to provide you help. If you are not listening, the time will pass. The chance to share is gone and a new day will begin without that sharing.

Beauty- is in the eye of the beholder and not to be judged by everyday standards. This is true in art, music and people.

Religion- is more about your relationship with God than your relationship with an institution. The institution may define aspects of your relationship with God, but it should not define who you are. If you let it define who you are, the chances that you will someday split from it or your family are pretty good.

After spending the last 20 years attempting to "make things work". Now that I am in the retirement stage I am looking forward to the aspects that I have let slip by. It is time. Cannot believe that my husband is already sixty and I am in my fifties. Where did the time go?

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Bob Lowry said...

Nicely said, Janette. I especially like the statement about having time to study the Word and the world. I have found the extra freedom of retirement has allowed me to spend much more time deepening my understanding of the Bible.