Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letting your certificates expire

A sure way of making sure you do not something again is to let the certificate expire.
My Arizona license expired years ago. In the past it was easy to renew because I had enough years in the classroom there.
Arizona now requires certain, politically correct, classes in order to be certified. These are only taught at Arizona colleges and are explicit about how to not speak another language to a child who speaks that language. Arizona is an English only state.
This bogus class can be taken on line. You pay for the class and then fill in sheets going over the materials, sending answers electronically to the college. This type of college education is bogus. There is no interchange. You might as well take a test with the book in your lap- no real learning, just regurgitation of what is there. This is not education.
Go into the Marines and learn a skill. If you are going to college- have interchange and discussion- broaden your mind!
Forget it.
I don't play political games well.
This one is far more bogus than any I have encountered.
You get teachers (who make some of the lowest wages in state hierarchy) to take a class (so that you can assure the colleges that there will be at least SOME paying students this year) on a topic that is only there for political correctness.
And teaching days in Arizona are over.
The thought had passed my mind that I could return to a classroom while helping my mom out in future years. No longer a thought.

BTW- I have always been an immersion teacher.


Anonymous said...

wow! - outrageous! - politics!


not speak to a child in another language? does that mean sign language too?

i have always thought that most of the education i experienced was more related to regurgitating facts than understanding them - online classes that don't require thought are just bad.

it makes me sad... :(


b said...

This sort of thing just drives me nuts!!! This particular law ranks right up there with no child left behind. I just don't understand how a law maker can be so hard hearted. Every classroom teacher must be allowed some flexiblility so that children can learn...even English when you actually speak English is difficult to learn!

Be well.


Renee said...

I had a valid FL certification (and an expired AL) but AL still made me jump through hoops. I now have a BS level special ed certification even though my special ed coursework is a Master's degree. I now have to take 6 credits to recertify in a few years... I may not since I have no desire to return to the classroom... but then again I may to keep myself covered until John graduates