Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Local foods

We are slowly eating our way into town.
Silly, isn't it?
We live twenty miles from town
and there are lots of small places to eat along the way.
A few of them are seasonal-
fishing season and non fishing season.
It is non fishing season if you haven't looked outside lately.
We have hit a few Korean places,
A burger joint,
Mexican (not Arizona Mexican but Yucatan),
and soon a new place that just opened.
Since we live outside a fort,
there tends to be many new people
who bring their foods with them.
We have been leery in the past.
So far no bad experiences.
Do you ever eat at the mom and pop places in your town?


Renee said...

I think my comment got lost. We eat at some mom/pop restaurants - mexican, Thai, Indian

Galen Pearl said...

What a great idea! There are so many places to eat near my house. I'm going to start down one side of the street and come back on the other.

Anonymous said...

We did that when our kitchen was being remodeled - tried each small local eatery that was a short distance away. Now it is fun to go to the smaller, local places because the ones I go to get their produce from the local farmers at the farmer's market and meat from local sources... good, clean, food.


Cindy said...

We eat at some of the mom/pop restaurants in our area. My favorites are some of the Mexican restaurants around here, with their freshly made salsa and homemade tortillas. There are also some good BBQ mom/pop restaurants in area too.

Ralph said...

Boy, Kansas has changed from 50 years ago. The only restaurants on our drive to Grandma's were American greasy spoons. Enjoy.

Dmarie said...

it is my goal to eat at more locally owned joints. makes more sense, since more the dollars spent there stay in our community, as compared with the restaurant chains. often the food is even of better quality!