Friday, January 14, 2011

Working in retirement

My concern was that I was going to be bored.
Applied for a position that looked interesting.
It is.
It is also tons of work.
Their hours and pace.
I am responsible for others.
The decision:
Take retirement seriously - don't go half way.
Take a year and really do it.
Know what it feels like.
Be aware it takes at least six months to decompress.
In March- that year will begin again!
This time it will be a year before
I get antsy and apply out again.
At least I know what I do NOT want to do
next time around!
When I write that I am considering
applying for a position,
remind me of this post:>)


Bob Lowry said...

I read a study recently that says it takes a man about 6 months after full retirement to begin to question the decision and to get antsy. A woman averages 5 years before she reaches that stage.

The plan to give yourself at least a year is solid. There really is no way to judge retirement without being fully committed.

I didn't do any kind of work for 6 years after I left the work force. Then, four years ago I started some part time work with the company my daughters work for. I can choose how much to work, the pay is good, and the work easy.

It has been a good match for me.

Renee said...

I will be sure to remind you

Anonymous said...

now that is the spirit! you go girl!

take care of yourself... c

Cindy said...

I will join Renee in reminding you, Janette! Enjoy that time off! You earned it.