Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time is of the essence

Two weeks until the road trip begins.
The job was supposed to end last Friday
It is dragging until next Friday
The up side is that it provides another paycheck for traveling
The down side is it takes five days out of my prep.

Since next week is full everything else falls into the following week:
Things with Hubby on Monday
Car check Tuesday
Hair Wednesday
Nails and feet Thursday
Leave Friday

This week is going to be a stock week
We are selling like crazy
Letting go of "friends" who had risen from the dead of 2008.
My gut says this will be a MESSY Presidential politics season
Once the mud begins
the stock market can become rocky.

Instead of the market
we will be putting money back into our house
It is above the market now
but we plan on staying for at least five more years.
Why not fix it up slowly

The plan for the next two winters?
Demolish and enlarge the master bath
there are some closets that are on the back of it
in the hall
Those will now become a part of the room

Tear out most of the carpet, tile and stairs
Wood and tile all of the areas
Scott wants to rebuild the staircase

Replace the kitchen counter
have not decided on the material yet
Granite seems to be the resell choice
Any suggestions?

We will probably live in the basement
as most of this work goes on
The workpeople (that would be us)
need a place to hide out
without dust:>)

Any hints on how to survive a remodel
Besides going to Hawaii in the middle of it?
That is our choice right now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another link

It seems like I am just revolving around the news until this job is over.

Here is a link on up dates in the Middle East. My daughter posted it. It is of great interest to us since we lived in Saudi and have several friends in Iraq and Afghanistan.

An interesting debate on health care going on at Bob's

Monday, February 21, 2011

The old people

This commentary hits what I think is REALLY going on in our society.
Unfortunately, the people complaining the most are either
dependent on public works
on Medicare
or wealthy enough not to be hit by serious illness invading their money.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do what you need to do and then just enjoy

The rabbit moon was last night.
Fantastic moon rise in Kansas.
We are so blessed to live in the middle of nowhere
when there are things in the sky to see.

This is the last week of my job.
I have learned the hard lesson.
Yes, it was nice to make an income again
but the stress was not worth it.
The snow had to be plowed instead of watching it melt
Several books went unread
and people in need, did not get attention.
The job was all consuming
which tends to happen to me.

It is almost time to travel to see family:
grandbaby during the cherry blossom festival.
A daughter in the big apple.
mom for a remodel.
excellent friend for a wedding.
sister in law for a car ride .
and last- but certainly not least -
a sister's "new to me" house.

Two trips in two months.

Then it is over for the season
time to plant.
This time I plan to be home when the tomatoes ripen.
Ah- I love the back porch swing
A place to listen to our creek.
Maybe I will even pick some asparagus this year!
Looking forward to some long walks by the lake
and swims at the Y.

Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system.
Now I have.
I met an elderly lady who
needs a ride to the commissary yesterday
That will be so much better than driving 100 miles to a job!

BTW- Miss Maggie has a cute spot.

Friday, February 18, 2011

To travel or not

Savings for travel complete
Now to decide where.
There is a nagging feeling for me
not to travel overseas.
I want my children to travel
but feel we have already seen
much of what we want to see.
So, here are the options:
South Africa

We should make plans soon
Why cannot I get in the mood?
This world economy has got me in a hold.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to work with someone who drives you crazy.

It happens.
You end up with someone on your team
who rushes to be first done- no matter how well done,
who constantly questions what you are doing,
who does not know how to compliment a fellow worker
causing that worker to feel that they are not good at the job.

Several thing you can do:
casually mention the problems.
be focused and simply get the work done.
pull the person aside and work though to solutions.
and if all else fails
give less hours.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Four Chaplain Day

This is a great story I had forgotten. Worth a read.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


My uncle was a premi.
My Nana said when he was born
the nurses gave him to her
and told her to take him home to pass.
She and her aunt put him in a shoe box by the stove
They fed him with an eye dropper.
He is 86 today.

The photographer Anne Geddes has always taken
lovely photos of babies
This story about one of "her babies"
Reminded me of
my uncle
and my Nana
and how precious life is.

Sunday, February 06, 2011


My extended family is a strange assortment of people.
We are as different from each other as we are the same.
It is difficult to believe we grew up in the same house-
since none of us really has any memories of the others.
I do know the competition for anything was fierce-
attention, money, space, sports, time, cars, praise, grades.
We all went to good schools, took lessons and played tennis.

Still, forty years later we can depend that
at least one of us will step up for another in a pinch.
My sister did for my brother this month.
It has been a long road for both of them
both lost spouses- from very different things.
But the loss is there.
I can view it from the outside
but the support is there in the end.

I guess it works out - sometimes.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ripples of snow
Bored dogs
Glistening trees
The blizzard has ended
the frozen air has

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Preparation for a blizzard

For my west coast viewers
blizzards are very different than snow storms
Right now it is 8 with a wind chill of -10
Eight is cold enough to instantly
freeze your bugers in you nose :>)
-Ten is cold enough to give your ears frost bite
when going out with the doggy for potty time.

We are a minimal curtain household.
We do not have neighbors.
Most of the year all of the windows
go uncovered so we can
view the trees
These are the trees out our bedroom window

When a blizzard is arriving
our mode of survival
After a "normal
Arizona July"
electric bill of
$400 arrived yesterday
our mode went into high gear.

We have several techniques.
The sunlight
basement windows get a layer of thermo insulation. The dining room has a quilt pinned to it. The spare bedroom/ office/ sewing room receives a layer of heavy
cloth clipped to the rod (there is a rod in there- but nothing is on it normally).
Our bedroom and living room stay the same. I need sunlight (which is why moving to Seattle is so unappealing to me).

The rest of the preparations should be normal
but they are often forgotten until a blizzard warning.
Blizzard means you don't want to go out for ANYTHING.
Batteries for the radio and flashlights- check
Greenhouse is anchored- check
Corn out for turkeys- check
Crock pot of Chili cooked- check
P/B/H and bread for sandwiches- check
10 gallons of water in bottles- check
Cars full of gas- check
Cash- check
Clean clothes- check
Blankets out and aired- check
Wood inside by the fireplace- check
Place scooped out by the door
for doggies to go potty- check
Several good books- double check!

Bring it on! Blizzard away!