Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do what you need to do and then just enjoy

The rabbit moon was last night.
Fantastic moon rise in Kansas.
We are so blessed to live in the middle of nowhere
when there are things in the sky to see.

This is the last week of my job.
I have learned the hard lesson.
Yes, it was nice to make an income again
but the stress was not worth it.
The snow had to be plowed instead of watching it melt
Several books went unread
and people in need, did not get attention.
The job was all consuming
which tends to happen to me.

It is almost time to travel to see family:
grandbaby during the cherry blossom festival.
A daughter in the big apple.
mom for a remodel.
excellent friend for a wedding.
sister in law for a car ride .
and last- but certainly not least -
a sister's "new to me" house.

Two trips in two months.

Then it is over for the season
time to plant.
This time I plan to be home when the tomatoes ripen.
Ah- I love the back porch swing
A place to listen to our creek.
Maybe I will even pick some asparagus this year!
Looking forward to some long walks by the lake
and swims at the Y.

Sometimes you just need to get it out of your system.
Now I have.
I met an elderly lady who
needs a ride to the commissary yesterday
That will be so much better than driving 100 miles to a job!

BTW- Miss Maggie has a cute spot.


Satisfyingretirement said...

I love your attitude. You tried something, found it wasn't worth what it replaced, and are back on track. Your plans for the spring sound perfect.

If you come to Phoenix to help Mom, maybe we can join up for a cup of coffee and exchange blogging stories.

Have a great day, Janette.

Renee said...

sounds like you are making the right decision by being a stay at home wife... and caring for those that come into the path of your life