Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to work with someone who drives you crazy.

It happens.
You end up with someone on your team
who rushes to be first done- no matter how well done,
who constantly questions what you are doing,
who does not know how to compliment a fellow worker
causing that worker to feel that they are not good at the job.

Several thing you can do:
casually mention the problems.
be focused and simply get the work done.
pull the person aside and work though to solutions.
and if all else fails
give less hours.


Kimberly said...

Why do I get the feeling that this has been an all-of-the-above situation for you? Is it now over?

Satisfyingretirement said...

Usually a person like that has self-esteem or self-worth issues. Compliments will probably result in a smoother working relationship, even when you really would rather bop them on the head.


Janette said...

Yes, it is almost over.
I am sure you are correct Bob. I've tired the compliments- and even giving "special work" only to be stabbed with overtime hours that were way out of line.
I was given permission not to work them at all. I opted out since they need the money and, when supervised, actually do a pretty good job. This week I am going to try putting them in a different space than anyone else- that I can still see.
I am simply not a good supervisor- knew it a long time ago and should have stuck to it:>)