Thursday, February 10, 2011


My uncle was a premi.
My Nana said when he was born
the nurses gave him to her
and told her to take him home to pass.
She and her aunt put him in a shoe box by the stove
They fed him with an eye dropper.
He is 86 today.

The photographer Anne Geddes has always taken
lovely photos of babies
This story about one of "her babies"
Reminded me of
my uncle
and my Nana
and how precious life is.


Kimberly said...

What a testament to your Nana's and Aunt's determination. I'm sure your uncle was a miracle! Premies living were almost unheard of at that time. Happy Birthday to your uncle.

Bob Lowry said...

My nephew and wife had a very premature baby late last year... under 2 pounds. New is is over 5 pounds and quite healthy. Today's medical advances make being a premature birth almost "normal."

In your uncle's case, he was very lucky and very much loved.

Janette said...

Thanks Kimberly.

Bob, I hope your nephew has as long and wonderful life as my uncle has had.