Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ripples of snow
Bored dogs
Glistening trees
The blizzard has ended
the frozen air has


Anonymous said...

great photos - beautiful with the sun on your front yard... glad that the blizzard is over - only hit low 40s in Phoenix today - brrrrrrrrr ;) c

Kimberly said...

So how much snow did the blizzard dump on you? The picture doesn't look like much, but I'm sure that's just the perspective.

Janette said...

We really didn't get much- about 5 inches. The winds were in the 60 mph range at times. It is amazing how so little snow can stop you from seeing out the window!

b said...

I received your comment really is a small world isn't it. Amanda is still in Shanghai. Maddie is 7 years old now.

Oh, and we are freezing here in Tucson too. 17 degrees last night. Do you the cold will kill those dreaded Africanized Bees??