Sunday, February 27, 2011

Time is of the essence

Two weeks until the road trip begins.
The job was supposed to end last Friday
It is dragging until next Friday
The up side is that it provides another paycheck for traveling
The down side is it takes five days out of my prep.

Since next week is full everything else falls into the following week:
Things with Hubby on Monday
Car check Tuesday
Hair Wednesday
Nails and feet Thursday
Leave Friday

This week is going to be a stock week
We are selling like crazy
Letting go of "friends" who had risen from the dead of 2008.
My gut says this will be a MESSY Presidential politics season
Once the mud begins
the stock market can become rocky.

Instead of the market
we will be putting money back into our house
It is above the market now
but we plan on staying for at least five more years.
Why not fix it up slowly

The plan for the next two winters?
Demolish and enlarge the master bath
there are some closets that are on the back of it
in the hall
Those will now become a part of the room

Tear out most of the carpet, tile and stairs
Wood and tile all of the areas
Scott wants to rebuild the staircase

Replace the kitchen counter
have not decided on the material yet
Granite seems to be the resell choice
Any suggestions?

We will probably live in the basement
as most of this work goes on
The workpeople (that would be us)
need a place to hide out
without dust:>)

Any hints on how to survive a remodel
Besides going to Hawaii in the middle of it?
That is our choice right now.


Kimberly said...

So where did you decide to go on your trip?

You two are much braver than I undertaking a project which renders one living in the basement. I can only imagine how gorgeous those steps will be, though!

Renee said...

Never have lived anywhere long enough to remodel :)

Janette said...

Trip will be in October or November- we are leaning to Hawaii.

Don't worry Renee- we have been "retired" 15 years! It is time for a remodel.

Ralph said...

Busy people are the ones who get things done. Whatever needs to get done will get done before your trip. The rest will wait.