Friday, February 18, 2011

To travel or not

Savings for travel complete
Now to decide where.
There is a nagging feeling for me
not to travel overseas.
I want my children to travel
but feel we have already seen
much of what we want to see.
So, here are the options:
South Africa

We should make plans soon
Why cannot I get in the mood?
This world economy has got me in a hold.


Ralph said...

I say do it now! Anywhere is good.

Maggie Stewart said...

Hawaii. :) Don't you miss the fabric store, the wonderful beach, looking at Diamond Head for every sunset, and the delicious food? Plus Dad has not been in...

Grace. said...

Have you been to Hawaii? If not, by all means go. Yes, it's touristy, but they know how to treat tourists there. And it truly is a lovely place with great food. I think Europe is too expensive right now even though Greece is on my 'must see someday' list--have you thought about Central or South America? Mayan ruins are so amazing.

Kimberly said...

I'd definitely stay out of Turkey right now. Greece is on the mend, but I don't think it's at its best yet. South Africa would be good, but can you stand that long plane ride? Hawaii is always a good choice.

Janette said...

We are leaning to Hawaii- but I hate the flight! We lived there- so it is a comfortable place to chill. You are right Ms Maggie, the fabric store alone could get me on that plane again. Maybe Nana would go with us.
Grace- I have not been to Central and South America. With our luck we would be kidnapped-lol. It is a thought though.
Kimberly- South Africa is the last place really calling my name. Unfortunately, I HATE to fly!
Time to get the plans together!