Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I stopped at Petrified Forest.
Never been able to afford a piece
This time I asked about a discount
Looking for a spot in the house
OK- some stuff I still want

And something more....
For years I was on a chat board
working through my religion and faith
This person always brought me back
I have been reading his blog again
It is good for me.

If you want to retire- don't get a dog!

Make no mistake
I love our doggies
they are a crazy part of our lives
they are worse than having kids if you want to travel
or do almost anything for long periods of time
other dogs
worry about colds
waking in the night

Can't we just visit the dogs like we visit the grandbaby?

Monday, March 28, 2011

A visitor

We don't get many visitors
This one just wandered up from the creek
and into the trees on our property
For those of you unfamiliar
it is a possum!

From Phoenix 88 to Milford 38

Yesterday was a great reminder of why I live here
The trees became etched in snow
as I watched out my computer room window
Yes, life is good in Kansas.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This little piggy-or how to get ready for being the groom's family

Things have changed over time.
We are not clear on the responsibility of being a groom family.
The bride we got---
pay for everything;.)
On to the groom- maybe- possibly.
Honeymoon and the groom apparel used to be the norm.
Bride's rings?
but that the modern groom cares for himself.
We bought this little piggy
it is really for our grandson
but we had better start stashing.
We have a feeling that it will have to be full
for the groom
and his ideas!
We decided not to wait until he pops the question
That is something he has to do on his own.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It was a good day.
Seeing places I have only heard about
discussing things that are close to heart.
Still, I cannot wait to turn my car north
and go home!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What is important

Coming home is difficult
there is a different standard
we don't fit into that standard
it is uncomfortable
and sad
and wierd
I am ready to travel home

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding day

The journey to this day for this young couple was many years long.
They want a simple wedding
to join the ranks of those whom
proclaim themselves to another.
It has been fun
and a lot of work.
A few more hours
and another will enjoy
the Joys and hardships that come along
with deciding to love one above all others.
Happy wedding day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Growing from the "have to" to the "want to"

The beginning part of life
is full of have to phrases
have to attend services every week
have to raise kids to be good adults
have to be a part of a group

Somewhere along time the lines blur and
have to becomes want to
The problem comes when want to does not
include past
have tos
That is simply not an acceptable norm
in this society of black and white judgement.

My ever continuing spiritual journey,
is moving me from
has to
to a place of content commitment
in a far deeper sense.
Being deeply Catholic and
enjoying the time
to realize what that means
is an enlightenment to me
There are few have to
because the study enlightens
that many of the have to
religious practices are fairly new
They do not originate
before the time of the reformation
and many were put in place
to keep people in line with the
political church and not the spiritual church.
Some of the saints I take as leaders in my spirituality
are from the reformation time-
St Francis
St Clare
The others that I cherish are
before the political years of the political state
known as the Holy Roman Empire Church
St Lucy
St. James
St John
St Jerome
most of whom are contemplatives
they were not in Church every Sunday-
but gathered in communion with others
and then did a lot of thinking on their own.
They chose- at times-
to go against the norm of the Church
to become more at peace with their walk.

I am, in no way, close to those walks,
but am seeking peace in my faith.
not religion,
is what is desired for us in the long run.
Faith guides our judgement
and directs our actions.
Faith is what needs to be strong enough
to endure suffering or love fully.
Faith is the corner to not judging
others, but seeking to give comfort.
It gives us the strength to let go
of our young adults so they can grow
in their own faith
or our elderly
so they can be with the Lord.

I find that the Catholic religion
gives me the structure
for my faith like no other,
but I believe that faith
is more than the religion itself.
At times I have been jealous of
those who find their faith
fully through the Church
but it has never been that way for me.

That has taken a journey away to see.

Now for the long journey back.
Faith- community- religion
instead of the opposite direction.
Finally, a time to do that thinking.
Wonderful retirement.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cleaning out

This trip is primarily about helping a friend with her daughter's wedding.
There has been a good amount of down time.
so the focus has been to help my mom clean out.
My parents moved over 10 years ago
to this wonderful, accessable house.
That makes my task much easier.
Yesterday was the master dresser.

They moved in at the time of panty hose
and the drawers were full of them.
After a long discussion about the value and restriction of panty hose
all 40 pairs went into a bag for someone who is working for a living.
We decided that neither of us would EVER put on another pair.
Out they went.

Women have so many things that "kept them in place".
Panty hose, girdles, high heels,
even our underclothing was about restriction.
Cleaning out is important for people who are retired.
It gives the opportunity to see the world less restricted.

Off to St Vincent with seven bags of stuff
and a lot more breathing room for life!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Please pray

for those in Japan.
Several of us have an on line Air Force family
stationed in Northern Japan
whom we consider friends

An earth quake is a scary thing
We have never lived through a tsunami
I am pretty nervous for her family right now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On my way ...and off face book

The boys were back today
they ate their fill
and then went to get
the girls

The journey begins in the morning
headed to Phoenix for a few weeks
time to do some assessing of mom
and help a friend with a wedding

Facebook is off the list as much as possible
for the 40 days
re evaluation will happen after that
maybe take the numbers back down to
just a few
No need for any more debate in my life
right now

Husband flew through heart procedures
Dr said that my travel is still a go
The top will be down
and the hair will be blowing
a new day is dawning.
(Isn't there a song in there somewhere?)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A time to go into the desert and reflect.
In Kansas it is a time to walk
among the tall dried grasses
and look for the small
sprigs of new year
There are so many shades
of brown
No one better than the other.
Soon those browns will
subside and greens will take their place.
A time for long gazes into our lives
and journeys into the new green

Saturday, March 05, 2011

IRA contributions

All over the web it tells what the top limit is for the IRA
Curious retired minds want to know the bottom level.
Is it:
1. the amount the IRA is for
(you have to make $5000 to put in $5000)?
2. the amount both spousal and individual
(you make $5000 but you can put in $5000 individual and $5000 spousal)?
3. the amount is shifting?

There is an understanding that only earned income counts...
thinking that my sister and I should hire each other once a year.

How much does one have to work to place an IRA into play?
Retired inquiring minds want to know.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Last Day!

This is the best of best
We were a team
There were others
but we were the core
19 schools
Two visits each
Four make up sessions
Three snow days
Over 3,000 miles driven
Today is the last day.
OK- it wasn't so bad.
If I say I need to be employed again
you can remind me to read
the posts from the last two months!