Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If you want to retire- don't get a dog!

Make no mistake
I love our doggies
they are a crazy part of our lives
they are worse than having kids if you want to travel
or do almost anything for long periods of time
other dogs
worry about colds
waking in the night

Can't we just visit the dogs like we visit the grandbaby?


ancient one said...

This is a funny post to me. So many people have dogs now that they treat better than their grandchildren... I wanted to add... if you want to retire, don't get goats, chickens, or any animal. My husband uses "I have no one to take care of the animals" as a reason why we can never go anywhere longer than a day!

Janette said...

It is the common cry here----"We cannot go---the dogs would have to be in the kennel SOOOO long".

b said...

This is the best advice I have ever can farm out a cat but dogs???? I don't think it is going to work!

Be well.


Renee said...

thanks for the reminder to NOT get another pet when Lola leaves us ..... we have only 7 yrs until we are empty nesters

Satisfyingretirement said...

Good timing with this post. My wife and I are thinking about another dog. I know she really misses having one.

But, we are starting to travel a bit more, even if just one night away. Kennels are expensive and breeding grounds for problems. And, the thought of taking the dog along makes the trip planning so much more stressful.

We are torn.