Friday, March 04, 2011

Last Day!

This is the best of best
We were a team
There were others
but we were the core
19 schools
Two visits each
Four make up sessions
Three snow days
Over 3,000 miles driven
Today is the last day.
OK- it wasn't so bad.
If I say I need to be employed again
you can remind me to read
the posts from the last two months!


Kimberly said...

Well done. You made it! Now, enjoy your trip.

Satisfyingretirement said...

Relax, Janette, and enjoy spring when it arrives in Kansas. You completed your commitment...good for you.


Renee said...

Enjoy retirement

ancient one said...

Have you made your spring door wreath yet? Michael is hosting a front door link up party to show off our lovely Spring Wreaths. Have you already made yours? Michael wants to see it. The best one will get a prize. Be sure to check out Michael's Blog and join the party. He's giving away Great Prizes !!

Janette said...

Ah- thank you all.
No wreath for my door (I love the jingle bells and have decided they will stay)
Instead the machine is out and quilt pieces will be cut.
The first trip--Kimberly--- begins next week. The big one will be to Hawaii in November or maybe even February next year....