Sunday, March 06, 2011

A time to go into the desert and reflect.
In Kansas it is a time to walk
among the tall dried grasses
and look for the small
sprigs of new year
There are so many shades
of brown
No one better than the other.
Soon those browns will
subside and greens will take their place.
A time for long gazes into our lives
and journeys into the new green


Anonymous said...

so beautiful - c

Satisfyingretirement said...

"journeys into the new green" is a great way to express our feelings about spring. Here in Phoenix, we had a cold snap and most of my plants are brown. Are they dead or is there still life under the brown? Only time (and careful pruning) will tell.


Janette said...

Ah- the spring cold in Phoenix....
Prune carefully and it will all be back- unless you are one to plant tropicals in the desert:>)
I'll be in Phoenix for a bit. Maybe we can have tea? I'd love to meet your artist wife as well!