Thursday, March 10, 2011

On my way ...and off face book

The boys were back today
they ate their fill
and then went to get
the girls

The journey begins in the morning
headed to Phoenix for a few weeks
time to do some assessing of mom
and help a friend with a wedding

Facebook is off the list as much as possible
for the 40 days
re evaluation will happen after that
maybe take the numbers back down to
just a few
No need for any more debate in my life
right now

Husband flew through heart procedures
Dr said that my travel is still a go
The top will be down
and the hair will be blowing
a new day is dawning.
(Isn't there a song in there somewhere?)


Anonymous said...

woo hoo see you soon - safe travels - love you = c

Kimberly said...

Enjoy your visit! Glad everything went well with the hubby's procedure.