Sunday, March 27, 2011

This little piggy-or how to get ready for being the groom's family

Things have changed over time.
We are not clear on the responsibility of being a groom family.
The bride we got---
pay for everything;.)
On to the groom- maybe- possibly.
Honeymoon and the groom apparel used to be the norm.
Bride's rings?
but that the modern groom cares for himself.
We bought this little piggy
it is really for our grandson
but we had better start stashing.
We have a feeling that it will have to be full
for the groom
and his ideas!
We decided not to wait until he pops the question
That is something he has to do on his own.


Anonymous said...

You are a wise Momma to be prepared! ;>)

Renee said...

now granted I've been married for nearly 23 yrs...but my dh's family paid for the rehearsal dinner and that's about it... maybe the flowers but I'm not certain.... Scott paid for my rings on his own.... and it's possible his dad paid for Scott's tux rental... and of course he paid for his own tux rental and his sons that were ushers.

Renee said...

Scott and I paid for our own honeymoon

Janette said...

We paid for our honeymoon as well-but have been put on very kind notice of what is "normal"----lol. I think he is getting his information from a more formal family source.
Tuxes---forgot about those!

Kimberly said...

I like the adage
If you are old enough to get married, you are old enough to pay for it yourself.

Janette said...

Nice adage-but not our reality:>)
We like the idea of giving the kids a send off- so the traditional roles will apply----within reason:>)