Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beatification of John Paul II

Understanding the idea of Catholic Saints is difficult for many

We are all in the community of saints.
In some ways the LDS understand saints more than Catholics.
We all are in the community of saints-
it is simply our free will that takes us to fulfillment or moves us away from it.
LDS take the explanation and move it into becoming god
but the beginning idea is the same.

Catholics declare saints on two levels -in my mind
The first is an example to follow
a person who was alive and gives a person pause
by their example- brings the other person to a higher good.
Some saints did some very "bad" things and turned to God for salvation.
Think St Paul.
Others were blessed with a life of leadership.
John Paul II was one of those people to me
Tomorrow is the Mass for John Paul.
Beatification Mass is the step just before the Church
states that She feels that the person should be looked at
as a person who lived in a way that exemplified
Christ's love for His flock.
That is one celebration of life I would have enjoyed attending.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Fishing did not happen today
the engine would not start.
It was good to get out in the sunshine anyway.
Loads of ducks have taken over the docks.
The advantage of being "retired"
We can go back again tomorrow!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Father in Law

My father in law passed away in 1999.
Hard to believe it has been so long.
He was a plumber in the first nuclear power plant in the US
Would he be surprised that one of his grandsons
graduated in nuclear physics!

My husband has been doing a ton of research for the family
The wonder is how much of his father's exposure to radiation
has caused what "we" seem to be going through.
My brother in law died at 58
from a very rare form of stomach cancer.
My sister in law has had three (a record) bouts of
Hodgkins Lymphoma.
A grandson has Crohns-
without any family history of it.
Another has serious stomach issues.
All of the women in my daughter's generation
have had difficult times with pregnancies-
miscarriages, ectopics, and tough carriages.
Some may say,"well, birth control", but to my knowledge,
unless someone is telling an untruth,
it is not used among these young women.
None of our families had baby problems in the past.
My MIL had four children with no problems.
Both my MIL and FIL came from families of 13.

Soooo--the research is on.
The nuclear plant actually keeps records back
to the time when "grandpa" worked there.
It even kept track of the radiation levels for these men
many of whom were sent home
when their meters were "off the charts".
The records for them are also kept
interestingly enough
at the regional cancer center
in Oregon.

Do I think Nuclear power is safe?
Much safer than it was when Grandpa worked there
Much safer than a number of deep water rigs exploding
or wars to keep ourselves in oil.
Not as safe as wind or solar....

Reading list

Why Retire
He approaches it a bit differently
but it is the same.
We are going fishing on Thursday.
Life is good!

I have been taken over by a Christian homeschooling mother
who also happens to be a Air Force Chaplain's wife
stationed in Japan.
Her blog shows Christianity at work.
Without the empty words.

Bob is writing a blog on being satisfied
with retirement
but really with being who you are.
This article on commitment
really made me think.

There are so many others-
Ruth and Renee write about books.
I love hearing that Renee has a second child
heading to college on full scholarship
and a third one in the wings:>)
and Carrie writes about the heart
and lose of her mother.

But mostly I enjoy just cruising and reading
because I have the time to do it
and I enjoy it!
Woo HOO!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


It is a quiet Easter here.
Daughter's family heading to their parish
and then some Easter fun
in Maryland.
Son joining his fiance at church
with her family
I understand there was some egg dying in Washington.

Our 8 am Mass was joined by the soprano from the 9:30 Mass ;>)
She commented at the end-
over the microphone
that it would be so nice if everyone sang
then she launched into a hymn that no one knew.
Father walked slowly down the isle
as he always does
and shook hands and gave Easter greetings.
He is so warm
and knows his flock.
I wonder if he ever thinks of just saying no to the soprano?
We, the 8 am crowd, know the traditional hymns
and sing them a cappella most of the rest of the year.
It is lovely to hear the men's voices,
The large amount of young families at that mass
is also nice
since the young children are often joining their
grandfathers in singing praise.
It is a joyful Mass
and I enjoy meeting God there.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


While in New York with my daughter we saw this painter.
He had just finished this painting of the street we were on.
There was something surreal about experiencing him
in the spot
with the wet paint.
I don't know why it so reminds me of Holy Saturday
a beginning?
lots of blobs for the common good?
a defined purpose for everyone?
His name is Phillip.
Maybe I will have one of his paintings
and maybe I will always just enjoy this picture.

Friday, April 22, 2011

There is a strange guilt that hangs over my generation.
The guilt is to work at a paying job as long as humanly possible.
Men and women are to work.
Work and work and save and save.
Saving is not a bad thing
but there has to be some sort of goal.
Wasn't there a time,
like every time period before the industrial revolution,
that the work that was really sought
was to become a better person?

Today's hole

Remember the hole from last week? The ones the moles made in my new garden bed? The one I filled with dirt and rocks and twigs? Well, this one appeared after last night's rain. The last holes were about the size of a silver dollar. This one- the size of a fist.
Do you think God was telling me something?
I have been trying to fill my own hole in my life with things
Trips and applications and thoughts of working
But the reality is I need to just relax and understand
the hole is there for a reason
and it is time to take some real energy with it.
I got out my "junk fabric" and started to play.
Here is the beginning of my first quilt
after 30 years of not quilting
I am nervous that it will not live up to my expectation
but is that all a part of the hole?

I finally went for a walk with the dogs. I don't have to go far to find things to enjoy
the trees are amazing this time of year
time to sit back,
enjoy where I am planted
and begin
just begin
to fill in that hole
with the things that really
will make me whole.

Monday, April 18, 2011

:>) It is time to apply again!

I cannot sit still.
I truly love to work
I do not work without a push
and so....I am applying again!
Shhhhhh- don't tell anyone

I miss teaching
something fierce
I don't miss the tests
but I miss
the buy in
the time developing lessons
the thrill of having someone get excited about learning
the entire journey year after year.


Getting ready for the summer

The first of the plants are in the ground.
yesterday night the local yokles
ate the seedlings in the starter pots.
Repeat after me, "I love the wildlife that surrounds my house".
Then plant the pots again
but this time bring them indoors at night.

We have reservations for our son's wedding
The plans look lovely
not unexpected with such a great bride!

Our portfolio is only half sold.
This could prove to be a sad mistake
but we have enough out now to ride a roller coaster down.
Did you hear that the S&P just declared
the US to be overvalued?
They declared the government is too far apart to make
a significant difference in the debt.
I hear my dreams of finally being on Medicare
Going down the tubes.
Looking for just one more up day
to get out the rest of the way.
O boy- more to put in my .05% savings account!

We took the dogs in to get their heart worm stuff
oh well they are worth it in entertainment alone!

Yes, life is anything but dull.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Things are stirred up today
The wind is blowing
Going through a few things today
to see what I can start purging.
It is amazing the stuff we have accumulate
and put in the closets.
Anyone want a silver tray?
How about a sketch by an unknown artist?
Bronze camels for your counter?
A photo of Queen Elizabeth before she was queen- inspecting a ship?
Maybe I can interest you in a small silk rug.
My favorite? old shower curtains
you may laugh- but mine show Hong Kong when we lived there.
What to get rid of
What to save
I dislike being stirred up!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pears and apples this year?

Confused about the cuts in Medicare proposed

Is the idea that private insurance
will permit end of life decisions readily for all?
Who will be able to afford
the private insurance premiums that are put in place?
How much will they be?
Can you tell me now so I can get a plan together on how to save?
Will there be a sliding scale-
those who can afford private insurance instead of Medicare paying
and those who cannot...what?
Will Medicaid still exist if I go totally broke?
I know these programs need to be roped in
But I don't understand that
on one hand these moves can be called death panels
and the other hand they can be called "private insurance' calls.
If I have minimum private insurance near the end-
does that mean I will get minimum care?
Why do I have to pay when I am
simply one year younger than the proposed law?
Why does my mom have to pay
or my older sibs?
Is it because if they had to be put into this system
they would not vote for the person who put the system in place?
What happens to the family
who does not have insurance at all for the end of life care?
Or even the beginning of life care-
say a premi who needs tons of help to get started?
I don't get it.
Does someone else get understand
how the two parties are so different
in what we can expect in the end?
This really affects me since
Tricare ends at 65
when Medicare is supposed to
pick up.
Will my health insurance actually be
MORE expensive when I am old?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home again!

The trip was amazingly quiet. I think everyone was ready for a shut down. We got to walk the cherry blossoms and see the dinosaurs.
I'll miss the family-
but it is
good to be home again.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Government shut down?

Bring it on!
I am tired of this play.
If "they" want to shut down the government- shut it ALL down.
Bring the troops home and let them be in their houses.
Let the wounded live on the street
and the veterans be without care.
Have the Congressmen live without a paycheck
(of course most of them can anyway since almost all are millionaires).
Hold up Social Security checks and Medicare payments
maybe "that" will save us the money that seems to be lacking.
heck, we could start that new insurance policy tomorrow
and the people who are 80 are the ones who get to try it out.
The post office should have been closed long ago.
Shut the airports and train stations- or at least get rid of air traffic control since the security is actually paid for by the airlines. Come to think of it most of air traffic control is well.
Let our national debt go into bankruptcy.
Don't inspect meat, meal, or oil.
Teach students with the half of staff that is paid for locally
that can be done during testing season anyway
no need for a teacher- the computers do all the work.
Computer education is far superior than human interaction anyway.
Turn off rural electric
or any electric that comes from a rural source.
Get rid of the extra police and firemen- after you close the FBI and CIA
Close the national parks
they are just a waste of space that could be working land anyway.
Get rid of the radio stations since they are over publicly moderated airwaves.
Get used to pornography on bill boards
they are owned by people who make the money.
Let's let the small business owner pay whatever they want to pay
government is holding them back
from making too much money.
Yes, let's shut it down.
I have a farm. It has a stream and deer and turkey.
My family can survive.
I have lived in countries with little government
where the powerful control
rights, freedoms, religions.
Shut 'r down!
Wait- first I have to get my family here.
Then shut it down!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Tomorrow is THE day

And I will tell you why tomorrow ;>)

A little less crabby now that the sun is shining!

Remember last Saturday?
This is 2 April--- just 40 degrees warmer
This poor rose was the only thing that survived last year's flood

I decided a lilac and lavender will keep it company. Not too many plants yet. I don't want to be really scrambling when the freeze comes in next week again. Of course the mint always finds a way to come back.

Friday, April 01, 2011


Doing taxes is a draining experience
We pay loads of taxes
We have never had enough to "write off"
so we pay what the number says.
I want FLAT taxes.
Why should someone be able to write off their house
because they didn't have the money
while I have to pay fully?

While private industry complains about public workers
and their compensation
They need to remember that
few of us get to write off our lunches
or the car and gas
or even the home office.

I pay more taxes than GE
What else is new?

Next year will be interesting
What happens when you don't have income?