Monday, April 25, 2011

Reading list

Why Retire
He approaches it a bit differently
but it is the same.
We are going fishing on Thursday.
Life is good!

I have been taken over by a Christian homeschooling mother
who also happens to be a Air Force Chaplain's wife
stationed in Japan.
Her blog shows Christianity at work.
Without the empty words.

Bob is writing a blog on being satisfied
with retirement
but really with being who you are.
This article on commitment
really made me think.

There are so many others-
Ruth and Renee write about books.
I love hearing that Renee has a second child
heading to college on full scholarship
and a third one in the wings:>)
and Carrie writes about the heart
and lose of her mother.

But mostly I enjoy just cruising and reading
because I have the time to do it
and I enjoy it!
Woo HOO!


Renee said...

Oh gee shucks, thanks for mentioning me. Love reading about your quieter life in KS and dreaming of my Scott's second retirement (oh wait the first hasn't yet happened). Enjoy this quiet time in your life

Janette said...

You're welcome Renee. I just love to "hear " you glow as your children reach and obtain that next stage!

Elena said...

Janette, I just got a comment on my blog that the link for the booklist is supposed to be paid for.

I got it from someone on one of my Yahoo Groups and had no idea. But I have since taken the link down and bought my own copy as a Word Document. It can be purchased

for $7.00. Thought you should know.

Janette said...

Got it--- and removed it. Thanks!

Bob Lowry said...

Thanks for the mention, Janette. I appreciate your ongoing support.

Sorry the fishing didn't happen today (Thursday). Maybe tomorrow!