Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beatification of John Paul II

Understanding the idea of Catholic Saints is difficult for many

We are all in the community of saints.
In some ways the LDS understand saints more than Catholics.
We all are in the community of saints-
it is simply our free will that takes us to fulfillment or moves us away from it.
LDS take the explanation and move it into becoming god
but the beginning idea is the same.

Catholics declare saints on two levels -in my mind
The first is an example to follow
a person who was alive and gives a person pause
by their example- brings the other person to a higher good.
Some saints did some very "bad" things and turned to God for salvation.
Think St Paul.
Others were blessed with a life of leadership.
John Paul II was one of those people to me
Tomorrow is the Mass for John Paul.
Beatification Mass is the step just before the Church
states that She feels that the person should be looked at
as a person who lived in a way that exemplified
Christ's love for His flock.
That is one celebration of life I would have enjoyed attending.

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