Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confused about the cuts in Medicare proposed

Is the idea that private insurance
will permit end of life decisions readily for all?
Who will be able to afford
the private insurance premiums that are put in place?
How much will they be?
Can you tell me now so I can get a plan together on how to save?
Will there be a sliding scale-
those who can afford private insurance instead of Medicare paying
and those who cannot...what?
Will Medicaid still exist if I go totally broke?
I know these programs need to be roped in
But I don't understand that
on one hand these moves can be called death panels
and the other hand they can be called "private insurance' calls.
If I have minimum private insurance near the end-
does that mean I will get minimum care?
Why do I have to pay when I am
simply one year younger than the proposed law?
Why does my mom have to pay
or my older sibs?
Is it because if they had to be put into this system
they would not vote for the person who put the system in place?
What happens to the family
who does not have insurance at all for the end of life care?
Or even the beginning of life care-
say a premi who needs tons of help to get started?
I don't get it.
Does someone else get understand
how the two parties are so different
in what we can expect in the end?
This really affects me since
Tricare ends at 65
when Medicare is supposed to
pick up.
Will my health insurance actually be
MORE expensive when I am old?

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RAnn said...

Maybe the laws have changed for younger folks, but with my parents, what medicare doesn't pay for, tricare does.