Sunday, April 24, 2011


It is a quiet Easter here.
Daughter's family heading to their parish
and then some Easter fun
in Maryland.
Son joining his fiance at church
with her family
I understand there was some egg dying in Washington.

Our 8 am Mass was joined by the soprano from the 9:30 Mass ;>)
She commented at the end-
over the microphone
that it would be so nice if everyone sang
then she launched into a hymn that no one knew.
Father walked slowly down the isle
as he always does
and shook hands and gave Easter greetings.
He is so warm
and knows his flock.
I wonder if he ever thinks of just saying no to the soprano?
We, the 8 am crowd, know the traditional hymns
and sing them a cappella most of the rest of the year.
It is lovely to hear the men's voices,
The large amount of young families at that mass
is also nice
since the young children are often joining their
grandfathers in singing praise.
It is a joyful Mass
and I enjoy meeting God there.


Renee said...

cantors/choirs that sing unfamiliar music drive me crazy esp on a big holy day or without teaching it before Mass

Janette said...

AGGG! Just teach us or move on! :>)