Monday, April 25, 2011

Father in Law

My father in law passed away in 1999.
Hard to believe it has been so long.
He was a plumber in the first nuclear power plant in the US
Would he be surprised that one of his grandsons
graduated in nuclear physics!

My husband has been doing a ton of research for the family
The wonder is how much of his father's exposure to radiation
has caused what "we" seem to be going through.
My brother in law died at 58
from a very rare form of stomach cancer.
My sister in law has had three (a record) bouts of
Hodgkins Lymphoma.
A grandson has Crohns-
without any family history of it.
Another has serious stomach issues.
All of the women in my daughter's generation
have had difficult times with pregnancies-
miscarriages, ectopics, and tough carriages.
Some may say,"well, birth control", but to my knowledge,
unless someone is telling an untruth,
it is not used among these young women.
None of our families had baby problems in the past.
My MIL had four children with no problems.
Both my MIL and FIL came from families of 13.

Soooo--the research is on.
The nuclear plant actually keeps records back
to the time when "grandpa" worked there.
It even kept track of the radiation levels for these men
many of whom were sent home
when their meters were "off the charts".
The records for them are also kept
interestingly enough
at the regional cancer center
in Oregon.

Do I think Nuclear power is safe?
Much safer than it was when Grandpa worked there
Much safer than a number of deep water rigs exploding
or wars to keep ourselves in oil.
Not as safe as wind or solar....


ancient one said...

I never had anyone close to me work in a nuclear plant... but I've wondered about all the cancer around us... sometimes I wonder if there was as much cancer in the world before USA discovered the nuclear bomb. All that testing that went on ... just about everyone I know has had cancer in some form or another. Not as much on my mother's side as my father's side... but still some...My cancer doctor once told me that everyone would get it if they lived long enough...???

Janette said...

That is an interesting observation.
I wonder if cancer is what people used to die of - when we said "they simply died". Now we have all of these chemicals to combat it....
and when the person dies---
there isn't any place to get ride of the chemical because they are so harmful to our environment.
A big circle...
You have to die of something.

Anonymous said...

good for hubby - someone needs to track this stuff down and give the scientists evidence of the impact of what was introduced

he is so meticulous and honest, making him the right one to do it... c