Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting ready for the summer

The first of the plants are in the ground.
yesterday night the local yokles
ate the seedlings in the starter pots.
Repeat after me, "I love the wildlife that surrounds my house".
Then plant the pots again
but this time bring them indoors at night.

We have reservations for our son's wedding
The plans look lovely
not unexpected with such a great bride!

Our portfolio is only half sold.
This could prove to be a sad mistake
but we have enough out now to ride a roller coaster down.
Did you hear that the S&P just declared
the US to be overvalued?
They declared the government is too far apart to make
a significant difference in the debt.
I hear my dreams of finally being on Medicare
Going down the tubes.
Looking for just one more up day
to get out the rest of the way.
O boy- more to put in my .05% savings account!

We took the dogs in to get their heart worm stuff
oh well they are worth it in entertainment alone!

Yes, life is anything but dull.

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