Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Government shut down?

Bring it on!
I am tired of this play.
If "they" want to shut down the government- shut it ALL down.
Bring the troops home and let them be in their houses.
Let the wounded live on the street
and the veterans be without care.
Have the Congressmen live without a paycheck
(of course most of them can anyway since almost all are millionaires).
Hold up Social Security checks and Medicare payments
maybe "that" will save us the money that seems to be lacking.
heck, we could start that new insurance policy tomorrow
and the people who are 80 are the ones who get to try it out.
The post office should have been closed long ago.
Shut the airports and train stations- or at least get rid of air traffic control since the security is actually paid for by the airlines. Come to think of it most of air traffic control is well.
Let our national debt go into bankruptcy.
Don't inspect meat, meal, or oil.
Teach students with the half of staff that is paid for locally
that can be done during testing season anyway
no need for a teacher- the computers do all the work.
Computer education is far superior than human interaction anyway.
Turn off rural electric
or any electric that comes from a rural source.
Get rid of the extra police and firemen- after you close the FBI and CIA
Close the national parks
they are just a waste of space that could be working land anyway.
Get rid of the radio stations since they are over publicly moderated airwaves.
Get used to pornography on bill boards
they are owned by people who make the money.
Let's let the small business owner pay whatever they want to pay
government is holding them back
from making too much money.
Yes, let's shut it down.
I have a farm. It has a stream and deer and turkey.
My family can survive.
I have lived in countries with little government
where the powerful control
rights, freedoms, religions.
Shut 'r down!
Wait- first I have to get my family here.
Then shut it down!


Janette said...

Sorry- feeling a bit off tonight
Leaving for daughter's in the morning if you don't see your comment posted it is because I am traveling to see Washington DC:>)

ancient one said...

Love this post!!

Anonymous said...

go get 'em nettie!

Bob Lowry said...


Actually some of this sounds pretty good. The "game" is getting old isn't it.

Strange how we have money for 3 wars but not for the sick and poor and needy. Last time I checked many of the people in those three countries don't want us there. Can we find something to do with those billions being spent every week?

Apparently not.