Monday, April 18, 2011

:>) It is time to apply again!

I cannot sit still.
I truly love to work
I do not work without a push
and so....I am applying again!
Shhhhhh- don't tell anyone

I miss teaching
something fierce
I don't miss the tests
but I miss
the buy in
the time developing lessons
the thrill of having someone get excited about learning
the entire journey year after year.



Anonymous said...

lol - go for it!

whatever makes you happy...

love you - c

Renee said...

If I remember correctly we were told to remind you to JUST SAY NO!!!!

Anonymous said...



Bob Lowry said...

My Mom felt that pull for 45 years, the last 15 as an unpaid in-room assistant to a 6th grad teacher. Once it is in your blood....

Janette said...

OK- I get the message (from God actually).
I'm removing the application tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder Renee!

Anonymous said...

hmmm really? can't wait to hear more :) still love you ;) c

Janette said...


Thank you for reminding me. My husband and I chatted a long time last night. I have to find the happiness where I am- for I don't want to lose the happiness that I have gained. School is almost out for the year. I will redouble my volunteer looking next school year---after the wedding:>)