Saturday, April 02, 2011

A little less crabby now that the sun is shining!

Remember last Saturday?
This is 2 April--- just 40 degrees warmer
This poor rose was the only thing that survived last year's flood

I decided a lilac and lavender will keep it company. Not too many plants yet. I don't want to be really scrambling when the freeze comes in next week again. Of course the mint always finds a way to come back.


ancient one said...

Oh it is tempting... but I'm holding off until the 15th to put any new plants in the ground. We have the sunshine, but a lot of wind today and in the middle sixties... not warm enough for me yet.

Bob Lowry said...

In your hometown, Janette, it was 100 yesterday and will be in the 70's by Friday. Don't you just love Spring. You never quite know what to wear or what to do.

Anonymous said...

nice - happy to see that you are getting into the garden... and sunshine makes me happy too. the lizards are out in full force now here in the desert.