Friday, April 15, 2011


Things are stirred up today
The wind is blowing
Going through a few things today
to see what I can start purging.
It is amazing the stuff we have accumulate
and put in the closets.
Anyone want a silver tray?
How about a sketch by an unknown artist?
Bronze camels for your counter?
A photo of Queen Elizabeth before she was queen- inspecting a ship?
Maybe I can interest you in a small silk rug.
My favorite? old shower curtains
you may laugh- but mine show Hong Kong when we lived there.
What to get rid of
What to save
I dislike being stirred up!


ancient one said...

me too... don't like being stirred up... but I sure need to do some purging...and none of my "stuff" sounds as wonderful as yours...

Maggie Stewart said...

Send whatever you don't want our way! Maybe Nicholas and I can drive out this summer... :)

Janette said...

I am thinking those things will just have to go to the barn and live there a few more years!