Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The debt

Last night I perused
my credit cards.
They are paid off monthly
no carry over.
Last month and this-
Getting our house in shape
and helping with a wedding,
we are out of whack.
For the first time
we are going to have to go into our savings.

That is what savings is for.
But the wake up alarm has rung
and things will tighten up around here!

Much like the national debt
Sec of Treasury said he will pay our debt
no matter what.
A suggestion this morning was to delay
Social Security for two weeks,
pay the debt and then move forward.
I don't get social security yet.
The one person I know who gets it,
and needs it,
will probably be homeless if this
wonderful idea is implemented.

I do not know the answers to the debt problem.
Which generation do we throw under the bus
There does not see to be an
equal opportunity throwee answer.
I have asked some conservative bloggers
where their churches stand on what needs to be cut.
No reply.

Do we throw everyone at the same time?
Just cut the entire pay system
of the federal government 10% across the board?
Do we only throw the poor under the bus
since they obviously did not do a good job saving?
Do we only throw the military under the bus
Since they are stuck anyway?
Do we throw all of the people in Washington
under the bus?
All the federal workers furlough for two weeks
should save a pretty penny.
What about the economy in those areas?

How would a complete federal furlough
non payment for two weeks
effect you?
Before you answer
make sure you think of ALL the ways
federal money effects your life and lively hood.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Taupe and short

Two words I could have lived without.
I don't look good in taupe
or any other non color
I am round
Round looks better in something scrumptious
because browns say:
"I just don't want to be seen or heard today".
My freckled white skin says:
"OW! why would you knowingly do this to me?"

Do you know the last time I wore a short dress?
that would probably be about 1979 or 80.
When was my daughter born? 1983
I definitely haven't worn short since then.

So the mother of the groom is supposed to wear
short and taupe (or versions of those).
How about if I used the above dress and cut it short?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Weddings are a state in and of themselves
If you let them
they will take over the marriage
part of the day

Tough to distinguish between
Yes to the Dress
You are now man and wife

Sometimes I wish
that the TV was never invented!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mitch Rapp/////Mark Valley

For those of you who are spy novel people
My husband is heading up a campaign

One of Vince Flynn's books is becoming a movie
He is asking for suggestions.
My husband thinks Mark Valley should play Mitch Rapp.

Could you help him out?

What we do for love---:>)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It can be the best thing for the human soul
or the worst thing.
To me there seems to be three sorts of communication with other people

Compassion- I can feel where you are coming from
maybe this communication can help.
This form is often the source of communication
within a loving family

Competition- You need the job
(insert: time, strength, money,
love, encouragement....)
so I come up with equal needs for the job
We both need job
The ends are now justified into win/lose or
at times
win/win or lose/ lose.
This form is often used in debate
or when going after a common goal

Control- I want a certain thing
Your wants, while valid,
are not my wants.
I will do what it takes to get control.
If I am correct then
My control of the situation
will eventually show that I had the best idea
to begin with and it is good.
If I am wrong, the control will spin out of control
and usually cause great pain in the future.
This form is used in authoritarian situations
police and firemen use this.
Many parents use this form as well.

These are not positive or negative ways of communication
Evaluating from which angle the communication comes from
(looking at BOTH sides)
is legitimate.

Stepping back from a situation
and seeing "where" the other is coming from helps.
For one person may think you are having
a compassionate conversation
while the other is dealing in control.

American Airlines part 2

Yesterday I decided to cruise by American to check it out.
The "low price" was BACK!

After all that hassle on the phone
of "it was a mistake and needed to be removed"
We are now flying to the wedding
with enough to spare a car for the week!


Monday, May 09, 2011

American Airlines

I am a bit ticked off right now.

American had a fare on its website
that fare has been there all day
but when you actually click to buy
they claim "it is no longer available"

If it is no longer available
then it should not be advertised!

We take a lot of guff from the airline industry
I am REALLY sick of it
paying for your luggage
as if you could actually get somewhere without clothing
Well, maybe if I were doing
the round the world with no luggage challenge.

American- you are about to help me find a new home airline.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Crisp morning air
small vase on the window seal
acapella Mass
adirondack chair
ride in the convertible
drive through greening fields
stain for the playhouse
watering the garden
lots of phone calls
great movie
beautiful sunset.

Miss my children terribly
but having the "baby" come to visit in June
and the son getting married in September
makes it all more bearable.

Friday, May 06, 2011

the calm

My children are all twittering
there will be lots of visiting this summer.
The wait is on to see if the oldest will move
in the middle of the winter.
If they do or if they don't
there is going to be a shoving match here
when the decision is made.
Enjoy the calm before the storm:>)

Monday, May 02, 2011

Yes, I have read the Martin Luther King Post

Yes, I know the Pope has declared it is unChristian
for me to be glad at the death

but I am

November 1996 changed our family's life forever
My husband was in a building that "received a gift from bin Laden"
The rest of us were at school.
We returned home our Saudi compound not knowing what to expect.
A soldier got on our bus
dripping with blood
screaming for his children.

We lost seven people that day
and a bit of my soul.

There were many survivors
most of us were walking wounded.
We were "kept" there until March
to show support for the Saudi government.
Living with it day by day.
A fog of injury, blood and mourning.
Several months after we left
the same people came in and shot
a number of teachers on a compound
just to show they could.
The press finally showed up
at Daharan- I guess that was big enough.

The nightmare continued a few years later
when we found out that one of our close friends
had been in the Pentagon when it was hit-
as well as one of the Sergeants that survived with us
five years before.

I remember that day well-
since I was watching TV just after the first plane hit.
I called my friend and told her
this was another "bin Laden present".
She said it was an accident
then the next plane hit.

Sometimes people have to accept that there is evil
Without the show of evil
we will not understand good.
I have felt evil
and being rid of it is a good thing.
I believe that there are a very few who will actually mourn him.
A few mourned Hitler and Stalin.
I will say
I am not sorry for their loss.

I would not dance on his grave
Neither will I "hold my nose" and walk on
I appreciate that we have people in this country
Policemen and soldiers- who are willing to do
the most difficult thing
to keep the rest of us safe.
And yes,
I do feel tonight
that finally my family is free of this horrible man.