Monday, May 09, 2011

American Airlines

I am a bit ticked off right now.

American had a fare on its website
that fare has been there all day
but when you actually click to buy
they claim "it is no longer available"

If it is no longer available
then it should not be advertised!

We take a lot of guff from the airline industry
I am REALLY sick of it
paying for your luggage
as if you could actually get somewhere without clothing
Well, maybe if I were doing
the round the world with no luggage challenge.

American- you are about to help me find a new home airline.


Kimberly said...

It is very frustrating! The whole lot of them.

Bob Lowry said...

The airline industry is the most customer-unfriendly business that is still in business. Some of the problems are not of their making: terrorism, gas prices, government regulations.

But, their incessant fare wars, building up and cutting back routes, employee attitudes from the dark any other industry they would all be gone.

But, because as a society we have decided to put virtually all our transportation eggs in one basket, we have only ourselves to blame when airlines take the attitude that it is our way or the highway, and the highway has become too expensive.

Maybe we are moving back to a society that stays put. I don't see that as a bad thing.

Janette said...

I would agree with you Bob (on staying put) but my children have chosen to serve the government. That means they will be moving far away from Kansas for the next 15-20 years.
I am thinking that the train may be the next way for me to travel.

Bob Lowry said...

My favorite way to travel is by train. Too bad we have left Amtrak to fall apart while all the money went to building airports and runways.

Train travel is slow but personal. Meet people, relax, be treated as if you matter, see the countryside, eat when you are hungry.

I'd take long distance train trips if Amtrak hadn't pulled out of Phoenix 10 years ago.