Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It can be the best thing for the human soul
or the worst thing.
To me there seems to be three sorts of communication with other people

Compassion- I can feel where you are coming from
maybe this communication can help.
This form is often the source of communication
within a loving family

Competition- You need the job
(insert: time, strength, money,
love, encouragement....)
so I come up with equal needs for the job
We both need job
The ends are now justified into win/lose or
at times
win/win or lose/ lose.
This form is often used in debate
or when going after a common goal

Control- I want a certain thing
Your wants, while valid,
are not my wants.
I will do what it takes to get control.
If I am correct then
My control of the situation
will eventually show that I had the best idea
to begin with and it is good.
If I am wrong, the control will spin out of control
and usually cause great pain in the future.
This form is used in authoritarian situations
police and firemen use this.
Many parents use this form as well.

These are not positive or negative ways of communication
Evaluating from which angle the communication comes from
(looking at BOTH sides)
is legitimate.

Stepping back from a situation
and seeing "where" the other is coming from helps.
For one person may think you are having
a compassionate conversation
while the other is dealing in control.

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