Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The debt

Last night I perused
my credit cards.
They are paid off monthly
no carry over.
Last month and this-
Getting our house in shape
and helping with a wedding,
we are out of whack.
For the first time
we are going to have to go into our savings.

That is what savings is for.
But the wake up alarm has rung
and things will tighten up around here!

Much like the national debt
Sec of Treasury said he will pay our debt
no matter what.
A suggestion this morning was to delay
Social Security for two weeks,
pay the debt and then move forward.
I don't get social security yet.
The one person I know who gets it,
and needs it,
will probably be homeless if this
wonderful idea is implemented.

I do not know the answers to the debt problem.
Which generation do we throw under the bus
There does not see to be an
equal opportunity throwee answer.
I have asked some conservative bloggers
where their churches stand on what needs to be cut.
No reply.

Do we throw everyone at the same time?
Just cut the entire pay system
of the federal government 10% across the board?
Do we only throw the poor under the bus
since they obviously did not do a good job saving?
Do we only throw the military under the bus
Since they are stuck anyway?
Do we throw all of the people in Washington
under the bus?
All the federal workers furlough for two weeks
should save a pretty penny.
What about the economy in those areas?

How would a complete federal furlough
non payment for two weeks
effect you?
Before you answer
make sure you think of ALL the ways
federal money effects your life and lively hood.

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