Monday, May 16, 2011

Taupe and short

Two words I could have lived without.
I don't look good in taupe
or any other non color
I am round
Round looks better in something scrumptious
because browns say:
"I just don't want to be seen or heard today".
My freckled white skin says:
"OW! why would you knowingly do this to me?"

Do you know the last time I wore a short dress?
that would probably be about 1979 or 80.
When was my daughter born? 1983
I definitely haven't worn short since then.

So the mother of the groom is supposed to wear
short and taupe (or versions of those).
How about if I used the above dress and cut it short?


RAnn said...

My guess is that "taupe" is open to interpretation but some shade of tan/light brown is the idea. Can you take the bride shopping with you? She probably has these ideas of coordinated photos but if she sees that taupe makes you look awful, she may decide that some other color would be better. As far as "short" usually in mother of the ___ dresses, short just means not floor length. I'll bet this could be shortened to mid-calf and the color is close

Janette said...

Beautiful dress Ruth- thanks!

I am pretty sure short means short for her mom. She is pretty petite. Unfortunately I am not- being plus sized and medium height. You have a great eye for dresses! I wear them so rarely....but I do know a great seamstress....

Jen said...

I really like the one RAnn posted... as well as this one:

or this one:

And any of the ones you saw at Alfred Angelo were all gorgeous too!Maybe we should go to Topeka while I'm in town?! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can wear something that is mostly taupe but has color in the area around your face... Also, I noticed a few women - the Queen for one :) who wore short dresses to the Royal wedding that consisted of a light coat that was the same length of the dress - - I found them very flattering and elegant looking. I will see if I can find examples... otherwise, I did like what RAnn found. c

Renee said...

Is short a new standard for moms of bride/groom? Or is this what the bride wants? Maybe you can explain gently to her why below the knee works so much better for you - I certainly don't wear above the knee either. My mom wore a long dress for our wedding.... she wore blue but I didn't specify a color for her

Janette said...

Short IS the new normal I am guessing. It is an outside afternoon wedding at the end of summer- so will be warmish. UNfortunately, it will be far to warm to wear some type of longer jacket. Mother of the Bride is wearing short- so long would not be appropriate. I am thinking that I can get away with the length that looks best on me.

As the saying goes- the place for the groom and his mother is to ask what to wear and show up---lol. I am on a mission and will find something. It will all be good in the end.