Monday, May 02, 2011

Yes, I have read the Martin Luther King Post

Yes, I know the Pope has declared it is unChristian
for me to be glad at the death

but I am

November 1996 changed our family's life forever
My husband was in a building that "received a gift from bin Laden"
The rest of us were at school.
We returned home our Saudi compound not knowing what to expect.
A soldier got on our bus
dripping with blood
screaming for his children.

We lost seven people that day
and a bit of my soul.

There were many survivors
most of us were walking wounded.
We were "kept" there until March
to show support for the Saudi government.
Living with it day by day.
A fog of injury, blood and mourning.
Several months after we left
the same people came in and shot
a number of teachers on a compound
just to show they could.
The press finally showed up
at Daharan- I guess that was big enough.

The nightmare continued a few years later
when we found out that one of our close friends
had been in the Pentagon when it was hit-
as well as one of the Sergeants that survived with us
five years before.

I remember that day well-
since I was watching TV just after the first plane hit.
I called my friend and told her
this was another "bin Laden present".
She said it was an accident
then the next plane hit.

Sometimes people have to accept that there is evil
Without the show of evil
we will not understand good.
I have felt evil
and being rid of it is a good thing.
I believe that there are a very few who will actually mourn him.
A few mourned Hitler and Stalin.
I will say
I am not sorry for their loss.

I would not dance on his grave
Neither will I "hold my nose" and walk on
I appreciate that we have people in this country
Policemen and soldiers- who are willing to do
the most difficult thing
to keep the rest of us safe.
And yes,
I do feel tonight
that finally my family is free of this horrible man.


Kimberly said...

Wise words, Jeannette. I love the words of Fr. Lombardi and MLK as they relate to OBL. And while I cannot bring myself to any outward jubilation, I do find peace in the knowledge that he is gone. And so much pride in the men and women who give their all to have made some measure of justice possible.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling your story. For those of us who have not directly experienced the impact of evil like you have, it is not as easy to understand, but I too was glad to hear the news.

Since I have recently experienced people who have little or no consideration for others, I am beginning to understand it a bit more. There is a presence around some people that allows them to influence others who do not question their ways... their influence and their presence spreads hatred and more evil - it has to be stopped.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I am not sorry about the death of bin Laden, but I am not celebrating death....I remember the Edna St. Vincent Millay poem which begins, "I shall die. But that is all I shall do for death. I am not on his payroll."

I am so sorry for all you lived through from this man, and all our nation and the world has lived through. His life was given over to evil. But still, I cannot rejoice in his death...I can see that this is all terribly complicated and emotional. I can see OBL did much much worse than just waste the gift of life God gave him. But still, what I feel is a great sadness, perhaps a great sadness that he ever existed.