Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 is on the way. What needs to change?

Some people call them goals.
I call them changes
Here are my thoughts on what needs to happen beginning on Sunday.

Save $100 a month. That doesn't seem like much. We have saving envelopes. New car (five years out), roof(10 years), travel (every six months), dinner out (every two weeks). I have gotten out of the habit of just saving for the little expenses that come up. The flat tire,the new grand niece, those things are not funded well.

Establish a home for substitute teaching. Currently I work in several schools a few times a month. I would prefer to find two schools and get to know everyone's name.

Enjoy time with my kids. I have the tendency to get wrapped up in the travel plans. We will probably be with our children's families in two places this year. I want to be relaxed enough to simply enjoy them.

Skype my grandson and talk to my son weekly. When Skyping my grandson I will get the added bonus of seeing my daughter. We talk almost daily now. That part I would like to maintain.

Quilt one large piece. I will get The fabric on our family vacation. I'd like to make it a memory quilt.

Learn to crochet. I was always too tense. I am hoping a year of quiet helps that.

Find something that both my husband and I love to do. Spend time with him.

Walk daily. We live 1/4 mile from a lake. It will be cold at the beginning, but my dogs don't mind.

Go to the library weekly.

Spend less than an hour a day on the computer.
That may be the most difficult commitment to keep.

Do you have changes that need to be made?

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Renee said...

great plans...
I need to do more spiritual reading (haven't determined what that means but I plan to pick an unread Catholic book from the shelf today).
drink more water
exercise more