Thursday, December 22, 2011

Alternative methods of payment while traveling

We live with the envelope system.
Virtually no actual $$ ever floats.
Hasn't for years.
Most of our money is placed in virtual envelopes for normal household expenses.
Tomorrow we hit the road
with our "travel" envelope money.

Travel envelope contains an amount from every paycheck
and use it only when we are traveling together.
Today was the trec to the bank.
Loaded the "cash" visa card at my bank.
In the past it has been American Express travel cheques.
Last trip, two places not even know what to do with them.

The travel cards are ready,
the suit cases are packed,
we are checked in.

Sea food, National Christmas tree, formal Churches, singing, Jesus' birthday cake and
SANTA is alive and well ready to come down the chimney of a four year old's house.
Hate to fly- love the family.


ancient one said...

Have fun!

Kimberly said...

Have a safe trip and a blessed Christmas!