Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Extra Income

I have been a teacher all of my life.
Surprisingly, most substitues do not have any background in education.
If you are need of extra income, you might try a classroom.

Substitute pay averages between $60-100 a day.  Most school districts do not take out your taxes until you have worked a few months, so you will end up with the entire amount. If you work too much, you need to hold out your own taxes.

Most places require a substitute license. That, in general, is given to anyone who can pass high school and a finger print check. Some states require some money for the license as well. My district does the finger print check for free. They are desperate for subs!

Once cleared, you go on a list. Our district is fully computerized. I go on line and sign up for the jobs that I want on the days that I am free. Good all around, for me.

"Are you crazy to suggest substituting?"  Nope.

If you come in with a plan, have a strong voice, and dress professionally, most jobs go very well.

Tongue depressors are my friends. A bucket full of forty sticks with numbers on them are the trick for 3-8th grades.  As a student is doing the "right thing" they get a stick. Making sure that everyone gets one is tough at times, but can be done.  At the end of the period, sticks return to the bucket for a drawing. Having stashed key chains, erasers, general little things that kids like, I am ready for the drawing. Pick out two sticks. You would be amazed at the cheers when someone "wins".  Even if I had to put out $1.00 for small things, it was worth my sanity for the day.

It is a great retirement gig. Many people substitute a month before they travel, so they can have a bit of extra spending money. Personally, I think most people don't think they can do it.  Give it a try. A day will pay all of the upfront expenses- so you will not lose any money over it.

If you feel the educational world stinks because of teachers, substituting may be a civic responsibility.


Renee said...

Decades ago in CT, income taxes & SS were taken out of my sub pay. Even so unless a person has no other taxable income, they're going to have to pay taxes come April.

And if the district considers you an independent contractor (not taking out SS) instead of an employee - you'll be responsible for both parts. Not trying to discourage; just being sure folks have all the facts and save that $$ to pay come April

Janette said...

I agree. Actually SS, Medicare and unemployment insurance are all taken out here- but you have to save for income taxes.